WePick.com (Sports Picks Website) Set to Debut

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WePick.com - The World's Sports Picks Headquarters - Set to Debut 

WePick.com, an online community where anyone can try their hand ato handicapping sporting events free-of-charge.

Members will be able to choose between teams in various sports both straight-up and against-the-spread. Over/under is a feature that will in all probability be added to the site before the start of the 2017 football season.

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So users make their picks, then the games are played. a percentage score is assigned to each user for each sport and category. These scores will be updated every time picks are submitted , games are played and said picks proven to be right or wrong.

The We Pick members with the best scores  (the most accurate at predicting the outcomes of games) will be able to make some picks private, and available only to those who pay the WePick member's asking price for access to those picks. These private / members only picks will not be counted toward the handicapper'a public record because they are private and not everyone can verify them. The plus side is, the handicapper is getting exposure and getting paid to make sports picks, the downside is that picks for which the person picking receives money in exchange for access to those picks won't count toward one's public record.

No longer will betters have to rely on the advice of handicappers who go on radio shows and make picks that are usually wrong.

Bettors will be able to see exactly how likely they are to make or lose money based on a given handicapper's past public record.

The site is actually currently live, but is not entirely functional at present, and the site's development team, headed up by Peter Egan, who owns the domain and website.

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